Supply Chain Communication

Getting the right substance compliance information from suppliers and sub-suppliers can be a big challenge. With Substantio we are providing an easy and intuitive tool to make the declaration process as easy as possible for your suppliers. This guarantees that you get the most and best information from your supplychain.

There are different declaration types that your suppliers can enter in Substantio:

Abstract Declaration (AD)

Simplest form of declaration, not sufficient on the long run.

Abstract Declaration (AD)

Suppliers are simply giving a statement that one or all products are compliant or not compliant. If an SVHC is present, they only name this particular one. This format is not sufficient to get the information that is needed for SCIP reporting.

Regulatory Compliance Declaration (RCD)

Medium quality declaration, needs to be updated when regulations change.

Regulatory Compliance Declaration (RCD)

For this declaration the supplier will make a statement for each regulated substance. Is it present? Yes / No. Available excemptions can be applied.

Declarations have to be updated when a regulation change.

Full Material Declaration (FMD)

Best declaration form. Getting all substance information.

Full Material Declaration (FMD)

The supplier enters all substances that are present in the supplied goods.

If new substances are regulated, you are always able to do a compliance grading with the existing information.


  • Getting substance compliance information in the right format

  • Sourcing information that is sufficient for SCIP Reporting

  • Receiving feedback from suppliers in a reasonable time frame

  • Allocate the supplier declarations to the right parts and products

  • Managing the supplier declarations in a sustainable format

What Substantio Can Do

  • Provide the easiest declaration tool for your suppliers

  • Automate the supplier requests as much as possible

  • Translation of supplier response into IPC 1752 format

  • Manage the outstanding requests to follow-up

  • Allocation of the incoming declarations to the right parts and products

Your Benefit

  • Save a lot of time and money by automating the declaration request process

  • Have an overview of all the requests you have sent out to suppliers

  • Get insights about supplier response behaviour and identify high-risk suppliers

  • Connect with your ERP or PLM system and marry substance compliance information with your BOM to enable BOM evaluation

  • Be future proof by using the IPC 1752 industry standard format