Substance Compliance BOM Management

Evaluating your BOM structures against substance compliance regulations is essential to be able to sell your goods and products in various markets.

With the following process, Substantio makes sure that you are able to do compliance gradings for your products:

  • Import BOM data from ERP / PLM using easy import files (CSV, XLS)

  • Request supplier declarations for all supplier parts

  • Manage materials and substances for your own parts (Make Parts)

  • Assign and manage officially approved exceptions

  • Do a grading on full BOM considering all relevant information

  • Get a substance compliance result

  • Create your internal and out-bound reporting for your goods and products


  • Getting all substance compliance related information into one system

  • Managing materials and substances for make parts and supplier parts

  • High amount of time and effort needed to evaluate substance compliance manually

  • Managing available excemptions and their expiration dates

  • Struggling with changing regulations and the need to re-evaluate parts and products

What Substantio Can Do

  • Integrate to your ERP or PLM system to collect the needed information

  • Adding material and substance information where needed

  • Manage supplier parts and supplier declarations

  • Provide officially available excemptions to be applied where needed

  • Classify your parts and products in the right article categories

Your Benefit

  • Save a lot of time and money by evaluating substance compliance automatically

  • Have an overview of all the parts and products and their compliance status

  • Be prepared for upcoming and changing regulations

  • Know when excemptions are running out and when to take action

  • Strengthen Your digitalization and system integration

  • Be one step ahead!