Transparency in the Supply Chain: Sustainability data with Substantio

Learn how the Substantio solution can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We provide you with a user-friendly platform that enables you to retrieve sustainability data from your suppliers and respond to hot spots early on.

By using our platform, you have the ability to obtain transparent sustainability data from your suppliers and manage it efficiently. We help you to measure sustainability metrics, identify environmental issues, and take action to improve sustainability.

Optimize the calculation of the environmental impact of your engineering bill of materials (EBOMs) with Substantio:

  • With Substantio, you can easily perform rollups and groupings to get a clearly structured view of the environmental impact of your EBOMs

  • Collect data from multiple sources and perform multi-sourcing weighting to determine accurate and representative environmental impacts

  • Substantio meets the requirements of the EN15804 A2 standard to ensure that your calculations meet industry standards

  • Track the environmental impact of your EBOMs throughout their lifecycle. Substantio enables aggregation of lifecycle phases to provide a comprehensive understanding of environmental impacts

  • Keep track of changes and updates to your EBOM calculations. Substantio provides version control to allow comparison of different calculation results

  • Compare different EBOMs and analyze their environmental impact. Substantio enables easy and accurate tracking of comparisons to make informed decisions

Substantio puts you in control of calculating the environmental impact of your EBOMs. Use our solution to efficiently aggregate, track and control versions – all in compliance with the EN15804 A2 – standard. Get started today and optimize your engineering sustainability analysis.

Substantio offers you several ways to query and use environmental data in your supply chain:

  • Substantio supports data exchange via various formats such as XML, IPC and others. This allows you to easily retrieve and integrate environmental data from your suppliers

  • With Substantio, you can calculate the environmental impact of simple and homogeneous parts. Our platform gives you the tools you need to perform precise calculations and gain insights to minimize the environmental impact of your products

  • Substantio is integrated with the Ecoinvent database, a comprehensive data source for life cycle inventories. This gives you access to high-quality environmental data and allows you to base your calculations on reliable information

  • Substantio works closely with Nexpirit. Through this collaboration, you receive support in the selection of sustainable materials and processes for your products

  • For complex parts, Substantio enables the integration of different LCA model exchange formats. This allows you to analyze and optimize extensive and detailed environmental impacts

  • Substantio’s integration with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) gives you access to high-quality manufacturing data. By using comprehensive data, you can perform more accurate calculations and analyses to minimize the environmental impact of product systems

With Substantio, you have a flexible platform that allows you to query environmental data, perform calculations, and integrate high-quality data. Use our solution to make your supply chain more sustainable and make informed decisions.


Substantio offers you a comprehensive solution to help you meet increasing sustainability requirements. Use our platform to comply with EU regulations, identify improvement potential and share transparent environmental data along the supply chain. Start now and create a more sustainable future for your company and your customers.

Key Benefits

  1. Conformity with future EU regulations: Substantio is designed to meet the requirements of future EU regulations such as the Sustainable Products Act. With our platform, you are well equipped to meet sustainability requirements and label your products accordingly.
  2. Hotspot analysis in the bill of materials and lifecycle phases: Substantio enables you to perform detailed hotspot analysis at the BOM level. You can identify the environmental impact at different lifecycle stages and understand which components or processes have the greatest impact.
  3. Comparison of products based on environmental KPIs: Substantio allows you to compare your products based on environmental KPIs. This gives you a clear overview for minimizing environmental impacts of different products and enables you to make informed decisions.
  4. PULL: With Substantio you can retrieve manufacturer-specific environmental data from your suppliers. You have access to detailed information to support your calculations and analyses and build a transparent supply chain.
  5. PUSH: Substantio enables you to create and provide product declarations for your customers. You can communicate relevant environmental data and sustainability information to build your customers’ trust and meet their requirements.