Export Compliance

Operating on a global market confronts you as a company with significant challenges. The export of goods, services, trading and brokerage activities or know-how transfers is subjected to certain restrictions and licensing requirements. Not only the military industry is affected, but all products that can be classified as so-called “dual-use goods”. These are defined as apparently harmless goods that can (possibly) be misused twice. In particular, the use in weapons is envisaged here. The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Controls “BAFA” is responsible for controlling such export goods.

The laws, technical regulations and infrastructural requirements for export goods vary from country to country. Without an efficient export compliance system, these regulations can hardly be managed. Export violations related to dual-use goods result in heavy fines.

Substantio software helps you to request your export compliance of dual-use information along the supply chain. Substantio provides you with a simple interface to get the right data and easily forward it to your ERP/PLM system. Request your export compliance declarations as easily as your material declarations with Substantio.


  • Frequently changing sanctions lists

  • Different legislation for different countries

  • Avoidably harmless goods can be misused

  • Extensive product knowledge and technical understanding required for list assessment

What Substantio Can Do

  • Collect & Manage dual-use informations along the supply chain

  • Easy configuration of export compliance in the system

  • Transfer the information to your ERP/PLM interface

Your Benefit

  • Legal and responsible trade of goods

  • Elimination of the risk of fines

  • Increased customer satisfaction by avoiding delays in shipment

  • Smooth handling of the export